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ACADA ARCADE is a Joint Venture Project of PeeDeep Arcade Properties Limited and the Nigerian Army Post Service Housing Development. The Arcade is a luxurious and affordable Shopping Complex standing on 9.8 Hectares of land by the Post Service Housing Estate strategically situated opposite LASU 2nd gate, LASU-Iyana Iba Road, Ojo, Lagos State. Spaces at the Arcade can be used for offices, shops, warehouses and various other commercial activities.
Acada Arcade: Where Luxury Meets Affordability
Acada Arcade stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of real estate in Lagos, Nigeria. As a value-driven joint venture project between Nigerian Army Post Service Housing Development Limited and Peedeep Arcade Properties Limited, Acada Arcade is more than just a shopping complex; it’s a luxurious and affordable shopping destination designed to cater to the needs of a thriving community in Ojo axis of the State and  Lagos State at large. 
Prime Location: Strategically situated along the LASU-Iyana-Iba Road, Acada Arcade is directly opposite Lagos State University (LASU) Second Gate. This prime location places it in close proximity to the Nigerian Army Post-Service Housing Estate, making it a focal point for residents and businesses in Iba, Igando, Ojo, Alaba, and Okokomaiko. 
Diverse Business Opportunities: Acada Arcade is home to over 1500 businesses, ranging from banks and restaurants to boutiques, workplaces, supermarkets, entertainment spots, and more. This complex offers a versatile and dynamic environment for a wide range of commercial activities. Whether you’re an investor looking for a strategic property acquisition, an entrepreneur seeking the perfect location for your business, or a realtor interested in prime properties, Acada Arcade has something unique to offer.
Affordability and Luxury: The complex was meticulously designed to provide businesses and customers with an exceptional experience. From optimum security and an excellent drainage system to accessible roads and green market spaces, every detail has been considered to create a sophisticated and comfortable environment. Shops and office spaces are sold per square meter. The ground floor is priced at N600,000 per square meter, while the upper floor is available at N550,000 per square meter.Warehouse spaces are sold per square meter. The warehouse floor space is priced at N700,000 per square meter.
Additional Facilities: Acada Arcade doesn’t just stop at offering excellent spaces. The developers have gone the extra mile to ensure the convenience and satisfaction of tenants and visitors. Some of the facilities provided include electric fencing, an insurance policy, security solar-powered streetlights, facilities management, and open green areas, adding value to the overall experience.
Mortgage Opportunity: The Complex also provides both mortgage opportunities and instalmental and flexible payment plan for our clients. Each purchase options does not in any way affect the deliverables at Acada Arcade. Same value and standard are been offer across board. 
Investment Opportunities: Whether you’re considering Acada Arcade for your business, investment, or real estate portfolio, it presents a unique opportunity in a growing area of Lagos. With a strategic location, burgeoning community, and the appeal of a luxurious yet affordable shopping complex, it’s poised to be a vibrant hub for business and commerce.
Acada Arcade isn’t just a shopping complex; it’s an embodiment of quality, innovation, and the promise of what the future holds for retail and real estate in Ojo, Lagos. It invites you to be a part of its vision, where luxury meets affordability in a harmonious blend, promising a prosperous future for both investors and the community it serves.
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Creating an exceptional piece of real estate for exceptional clients by providing a showcase of affordability and luxury

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To provide a redefined modern market with an opportunity for a value-driven investment for Investors and stress-free patronage away from the crowd for all its customers.

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